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Moderation and joining.

I'm just taking the time to say that The new kin has been turned to moderated joining. We did this for 2 reasons:

1. We haven't had people posting so we thought that maybe it was because people were a bit reserved about posting when anyone could join.

2. We've had to ban a few people who tried to be stupid, so we thought we'd make it easier fo us to be lazy.

There won't be requirements to make your posts members only, you won't have to friend a maintainer, and we won't have to like you in any form or fashion as long as you can follow the rules of the community. Everything about The new kin still applies, it's just moderated joining now.

Ok so no one has an excuse not to post anymore. Post dammit! There are seven people who haven't posted anything yet, and this is a community not a one genderqueer show, so please post. *puppeyes*
I'm trying for a greeting with more flare than the usual, and the best I can come up with is, 'Get offa my lawn!' So you'll have to settle for a standard 'Hello'.

Confusing things this way come!Collapse )

One last note - you can bribe me with tasty vegan things. (Or pictures of them.)

Welcome, and do excuse my endless ramblerants. I'm afraid that my dear roommate Ashes has zero idea of what is actually rambling, and it looks a lot like the mess under the cut up there.

Hello to all

Hello and welcome to The new kin community. I'm Ashes and I'm one of the friendly neighborhood maintainers. Since introductions are in order, here's a brief rundown on myself.

cut because I babbleCollapse )

Thanks for stopping by.