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O sweet truthseers, O magic revelers, O wild creatures of heavens and earth...

The new Kin
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We're otherkin who don't follow the new age hype
This is a group for otherkin who are tired of people asking "OMG guys what's my kin type?!!!" or of being told that every question can be answered by meditating, or that if it's not from a human mythology it doesn't exist. Feel free to talk about anything you feel like that connects to otherkiness, the moderators of the community have experienced a lot, and you would be surprised by the amount of people who have probably been through something similar. Also don't be afraid to ask (almost) any question that you have. Oh and post an introduction, we would love to know you.

Just a few rules before we go though:

-We are an accepting community, but we are not a community for those who like kin guessing, or feel that you can't change your mind about kin type/ideas/whatever, or who believe all angels/demons/whatever must be white and beautiful/ugly and twisted/etc.

-And just because the previous point has alluded some people, advertisements for anything that isn't about otherkin is not allowed, and all advertisements must get the all-clear from the maintainers. I know that last part is common courtesy, but it's happened before.

-Also this is not a community for arm chair analyzing, so if you think someone isn't exactly what they say they are, find an otherkin snark community and save us all the headache.

-Please use common sense. If you think you're doing something offensive and derogatory, don't post it.

-Please for the love of all that's holy, no speciesism. It's nice to be proud of what you are, but in the end we're all crotch monsters that came from something that probably didn't want us, so keep the bragging to a minimum.

The banhammer is just and mighty on these issues, so please keep these rules in mind when posting.